I don’t know where I could get an Alpha cooler for example. What the hell is that?? I took a small wirecutter and cut off the part of the plastic cover that was over the pin. I disconnected and reconnected the I2C pins several times and now I have either a short-circuit between these two clock and data pins or the pin’s gotten loose. So far my overclocking experiments.

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But somehow it was just too loud. Unfortunately I seem to be unable to get one of these parts, anywhere. As I came home in the evening I saw, the comp hung e; was running only ca.

EPoX 7KXA KX133 Slot-A ATX

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone. And I screwed the CPU onto the heatsink with 4 screws. May 16, Some color changes and flaws may appear.

Let’s start out the review by looking at the motherboard specifications. All in all it was not as loud as before but still not quiet enough to sleep next to that comp.

EPOX EP-7KXA Motherboard Mainboard

The HD began to start working and then I got that arrow pointing down. Is Topre Realforce the Realthing? Latest News Latest Videos. After doing that on all four pins I could take the cover away.


The chip has a I2C interface. But the comp crunched RC5 during the 7ixa and was still alive at the morning. Most of those features are a direct k7xa of the release of VIA’s KX chipset, while others, such as more overclocking options, are simply consequences of the demand of the market.

I sealed everything around the grill with this cool yellow tape to force the air trough the filter. I took a heatsink I had laying around and let a friend cut it straight. There will be no whiteboxes sent out to consumers, and the Epox web site is currently actively showing the EP-7KXA on the front page.

This active promotion and lack of shame when talking about the board is a very commendable act on the part of VIA, and luckily enough, while it’s not the best, the 7KXA as a motherboard is just as praiseworthy.

At the cache was at MHz. The NMB runs at 12V.

I had the luck to get them free in the company I work. This new board has been no exception.


Epox EP-7KXA Motherboard Review

At 12V it runs very quiet and blows enough air too. Log in Don’t have an account? I mounted a mm VAC fan onto the heatsink. I’ve set the GFD to and 1,7V. I started UT and as it came to the intro, I could hear the music but there was no picture on the screen. That’s a dream GFD! Produced in week 49 in If you save the pic locally and look at it later 7kxx be bigger. When will you Dual Core?

My experiences Due to earlier overclocking attemps I soldered several things on the motherboard. Being a long supporter of most of VIA chipsets, especially during the time of the fp socket 7 genre, Epox has a reputation for building high quality products that are readily available to the consumer market.

I took two fan grills and put some filter material in between and screwed it all onto the fan.

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