Worked for perhaps a month. All I get is files that do not work. After being frustrated and confused as to why this it was not working, she came to me. It does not inform how to retrieve data supposedly stored in the hard drive There is no information in pamphlet supplied with the the portable hard drive.. Use the same backup program you used to create the archive; the files are indeed compressed. It was an electromechanical error – the hard drive would try to spin when you first plugged it in, but instead produced clicking noises, and just turned itself quietly off after a few more seconds.

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It’s a waste of money and a waste of time. My older siblings were using it to transfer music and movies along with my mother. They make Seagate look good and that is something I never thought I would say.

It only works on my pc Bloody agravating what a waste of cash. Fails on PCs where it used to work and on PCs where it was never connected.

Imation Apollo M Reviews –

Sometimes this happens straight away, other times it’ll happen part way through copying. I have heaps on it. I also found that it ejected itself extremely easily, as a simple nudge was able to make it eject inconvenient when watching movies on laptop in bed. I spent 2 hours trying to find a solution. I can only assume it has failed as I have tried it over 3 devices. I can’t describe the feeling of incredulity, disappointment, disgust, imatiin the hard drive failed only 3 days after I bought it, only after I had transferred 80gb of data across to it.


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Imation Apollo Portable Hard Drive hard drive – 250 GB – USB 2.0 Series

Found a fix but still not happy. After I bought It I saw that it had such a bad review so I always kept it as a backup of my laptop. The imatoin is on but nobody’s home.

Imation products overall are pathetic. I got a year then beep beep beep and the solid blue light of death Next time I plugged it in began the problems. As a last resort, I disassembled the drive there goes the warranty!

By the way, do the downloading to the HDD drive in stages. The only bug bear is that it has a proprietary pin on the hard drive side I.

Probably had to dump thousands of returns. Brand Manager for Imation?

Imation Apollo UX – hard drive – 250 GB – USB 2.0

Oh and i noticed it don’t work on all tv’s why is that??? Hi there, the M model has 1TB capacity. Not happy, can’t recall what I had on it now. After reading various reviews, looking at possible solutions; it came to the fact that the driver in the product was expired, out of date or just failed in general.

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Your trust is our top concern. Same as other reviews – mine was hardly used and gave up after about 1 year. On a windows 8 machine I tried copying via USB 3. However, the hard drive wasn’t working. Well, my issue has a simple solution. If I had known that it was going to to be so hard to recover data i would not have bought it.

Dreadman2k posted on Jul 09, imatiln Maybe, probably, any TV can be used. There’s 80GB of music and movies gone, several hours of loading music onto the hard drive gone.

Love the convenience of a portable drive such as zpollo but within 6 months here I sit with a drive that lights up but no longer works!

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