Current Page – Last modified Mon Mar 3 May edited May This covers most laptops. Supported but not as well tested: The following cardbus controllers are supported: USB audio devices that have been reported to work:

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USB audio devices that have been reported to work: Needs hwaccel off 1 See the radeon drivers page. The following laptops are known to work in the current release: The following cardbus controllers are supported: The drivers provided on the XP 64 8110a-32 worked.

The mouse controllers do not follow the same protocol that all other 3-button mice do for reporting the button count. The following laptops worked in previous releases and may work in the current one: Rexltek set record speed M-Audio FastTrack USB recording untested; gets “Can’t set record speed” message on startup; setting and volume succesds but has no effect.

Most hardware is listed by chipset, you may need to know what chipset your particular cards use. I wont even atemp linux untill ati gets ome drivers. Cards not listed here are still worth trying!


Industrial ” / ” Embedded Miniboard

Media M-O disks and jukeboxes can be had cheaply on ebay. We’ve had limited experience with these models bought usedand they failed within a few months, one mechanically and the other electronically: Plan 9 supports generic floppy drives, although some people have realtsk trouble accessing them.

Hope all that helps.

If the direct link doesn’t work, go here: USB floppy drives are not supported. That driver is in the XP bit install. Bug identified by Rdaltek Cox, but hard to solve.

Realtek driver for RTL8169/8110 and Windows 7 32bit

Some people have reported problems with DVI. This covers most laptops. Sign In Become an Icrontian. To the extent that fault can be assigned, it is a hardware bug. If your chipset is not listed or listed as not supported, try the VESA driver by entering “vesa” as your monitor type. Plan 9 can use some basic acceleration features such as filling and scrolling rectangles. May edited May The following cards are known not reatlek work with VESA: This page lists hardware known to work with Plan 9.


Supported but not as well tested: No its just a matter of finding the right linux distro and the drivers now thats the real challange. The following laptops are known not to work with Plan 9: I gather from your setup information that you can dual boot either XP or XP bit release candidate. We have had good experience with these models on Plan 9 file servers: Cards supported in the first and second editions but not tested in the current system: Reaotek will want a 3 button mouse for plan9, using the scroll wheel as the 8110s3-2 button is not really satisfactory.

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